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Webroot is provided with a good range of virus protection software like Webroot Internet Security, Internet Security Complete, and Antivirus Gamers. Also, Webroot comprises mobile apps and Wifi security software that safeguards you from online threats. Webroot Products are often easily operated on Windows laptops, Macs, Android devices, and iPhones. Further, Webroot antivirus and Wifi security programs protect you from spying threats in order that any unauthorized user cannot damage or harm your device without your knowledge. It doesn't impact your PC performance, browser speed, or data limit, and whenever you launch the software for scanning. once you browse online, the software hides your IP address in order that nobody can trace your private or financial information. Further, if you hook up with an unsecured Wifi network to hold out online activities, it provides you protection over the network. additionally , the software ensures the web safety of your whole family, protects their identities, and maintains ultimate privacy.

Key Features of Webroot Antivirus

Webroot Antivirus includes specific features that play an important role in protecting your PC from cyberattacks and viruses. Have a glance at the below-listed features that you simply can enable after installing the software via webroot.com/safe.

➔ Webroot delivers superior and excellent protection because it takes about 20 seconds to scan your PC without affecting its performance. Hence, it scans your device 60 times faster than other antivirus and your PC are going to be virus-free within a couple of seconds.

➔ The software provides absolute fraud Protection and protects your Usernames, Personal Information, and Account Numbers against vulnerabilities. So, it prevents your financial and private information from illegitimate access.

Webroot Antivirus offers Webcam Protection that doesn't let any unauthorized user to hijack your webcam. If someone tries to realize access to your system through trojan malware, Webroot blocks it immediately and hence maintains your privacy.

➔ Webroot has an Anti-Phishing technology that easily identifies phishing content contained in Websites, emails, software, etc. It gives you an alert whenever you plan to browse any malicious content, websites, or spam emails in order that you'll not access it.

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